club racing schedule

During the warm months, roughly April through October, we race on the summer schedule. On road racing starts at 5pm Saturday and finishes about 9:30. Oval racing runs from about 7:30 to 11:30pm Saturday. Three qualifiers and mains.

During the cool months, we race on Sundays starting at 11a or noon. Each round includes both on road and oval racing. three qualifiers and mains.

Series racing

N-Control runs series racing each year.


The on road track is open for practice whenever it’s light enough to see, weather permitting. Because we prep the track on race days and it’s in the outdoors, track condition will tend to be excellent right after racing and generally drops throughout the week.

The oval track is not open for practice. We race wet, and running it dry will kick up dust that gets on the asphalt.

The gate is generally closed and appears locked with a chain. There is a spring clip next to the lock. You are welcome to let yourself in. Please close the gate when you go, if you are the last to leave.


N-Control typically hosts a limited number of special events each year. While this does vary, we typical host:

– An oval series race in the spring
– McNally Memorial Race (MMR) on road on Memorial Day, in memory of Karl “Pops” McNally
– Rumble in the Asphalt Jungle trophy race in the fall
– Rumble at the Roost trophy race in the fall
– Brown Santa toy drive race in the winter