N-Control Racing Circuit is an RC track facility location in rural Texas, the small town of Dale. We’re 15 minutes south of Circuit of the Americas, which is itself sound and east of Austin.

The track sits in the southeast corner on my property, and is accessed by a driveway separate from my home and shop.

if driving here for the first time, note that you might lose cellular service in the area unless you’re on Verizon or AT&T. It might be a good idea to note the route ahead!


The Asphalt Jungle is an asphalt on road track measuring 170′ x 70′. It’s smooth, with a few ripples in the back. An excelletn driver’s stand overlooks the track from atop a shipping container.

This was the sole original track here at N-Control, installed and opened in 2017 (the picture at right). The track boundaries were expended 10′ in three directions subsequently. The track is front lit with 12,000 watts of mixed LED and metal halide from four poles.
The Roost is N-Control’s dirt oval track, added to the facility in 2018. This track has a footprint 100′ x 50′, 12′ wide straights and 15′ wide in the turns. It is banked 4.5 degrees in the straights and 9 degrees in the turns. This track is also front lit using a mix of LED and metal halide from two poles.


N-Control features covered pitting with power, tables, and chairs for 48 racers. I hope to expand this is 2023 to 64. Additional close in space with power available for canopies to accommodate additional bodies.

Because there isn’t food in the immediate vicinity, N-Control maintains a stocked fridge of cold drinks for sale and gives out brats off the grill on most race days.

Sorry, but it’s Porta-John around here. The restrooms, and the entire facility including driver’s stands, are accessible to those with mobility limitations.

trailers and camping

Pit trailers and campers are welcome, and racers are also welcome to camp overnight. There’s plenty of space, but no hook-ups.