ROAR Fuel On Road Nationals 2023

To clarify, one $20 practice fee will cover one or both track practice days, Wednesday and Thursday.

Pit reservations are open! Pit fee for the ROAR on road fuel nationals will be $20. 6’x2′, chair, power, covered. Please reserve in advance, I will do everything I can to ensure that everyone has a spot. Easiest way to reserve is to send $20 via PayPal to If you’d like to be seated with others, ideally send one group payment with names listed in the comment. Alternately, each person can pay and name the other parties. You may also specify special needs and I’ll try to accommodate. Extra chair for wife. Space close to track for mobility. You tell me.

If you cannot PayPal, write me an email at the address above clearly providing your name, phone, and best times to call. I can take a card over the phone to reserve.

Trailer/camper info on another day. There is plenty of space for RVs. Expect to prove your own power.

Fuel On-Road is in the slot I normally use for the Rumble in the Asphalt Jungle, my annual fall trophy race. That race will be held September 16/17 if you’d like to visit for a warm-up. Flyer to come.

For additional useful information, kindly check my Visitor Info page.