Location: 1561 Dale Lane, Dale TX 78616

– Practice: open for practice whenever it is light enough to see.  $5 per driver per day to the black honor box on post as you go up ramp.  The system is on and driver’s stand speakers will call lap times if you have a transponder.

– Racing: see Page: Racing

Social Media:

RC Files, post weekly schedule every Monday;

-Facebook, weekly event for club racing.

Track: 150 x 60, baby bottom smooth asphalt, car friendly barriers, 9′ high driver’s stand,handicapped accessible,

– Covered Pits (NEW!)

Facility rules

– N-Control RC Racing Circuit is a ROAR affiliate track. All race participants are required to have a ROAR individual (or family) membership, and must provide their ROAR member number to sign up.

– see “rules of the road” at above link

– Camping is generally OK the night before a race or in the middle of one, with explicit permission.  Please contact Paul to arrange.  There are no hookups.